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You have come to the right place if you intend to sell real estate, find a capital partner or want general information on the deals our families and family offices are interested in. As well, check out the many benefits we offer you as seller or buyer.

You only need to input five criteria of your property to estimate the number of potential buyers within our network:

Need a capital partner? See for yourself how many families and family offices are interested in your real estate project:

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Your benefits as buyer
or seller of real estate

Relevant for sellers
  • Sale of prestige objects at maximum prices possible;
  • Purchase profiles of our families and family offices are available in real time
  • Highest possible discretion guaranteed by digital exposé and targeted matching;
  • Marketing contract with a very short term creates maximum flexibility;
  • The property remains off-market due to our technology.
Relevant for buyers
  • High-quality, digital preparation of an exposé including access to all data and information 24/7, worldwide;
  • Specific matchmaking with offers suitable to your purchase mandate, no "spam";
  • All offers are exclusive and off-market, delivery is guaranteed;
  • Direct access to best-in-class financing opportunities.
Relevant for both parties
  • Only validated families and family offices (exchange on equal terms);
  • Low commission (0,5% to 1,0% in most cases);
  • If desired, immediate, direct link to the counterparty;
  • Fast transaction process (time saving);
  • Impartiality and honest advice (payment by both parties);
  • Code of Conduct as guiding principles.

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