Membership is for free. We only charge a success based transaction fee of 1% for deal volumes below EUR 50 million and 0,5% for volumes above. This fee is payable for both, buyer and seller. In rare cases where we provide dealflow from outside sources (project developers, who also might seek financing) the buyer/ capital provider does not incur any fee and the outside partner pays all. In these cases, however, the fee structure can slightly differ. 

Anyone who has a net worth of more than USD 25 million or anyone who works on behalf of families/ individuals (Single or Multi Family Office), together with at least one family member. 

Anyone with a net worth of more than USD 25 million is regarded as an ultra high net worth individual (UHNWI) by banks. Based on our own experience we also accept this definition and decided to draw the line here.

Once people obtain a certain amount of wealth, they oftentimes share commonalities with each other. These commonalities range from topics of interest (philanthropy, inheritance issues, larger investment sizes….) to similar expectations towards discretion, service quality or communication habits. Important moral and ethical values are often shared. By focusing only on this group it allows us to be most precise in our membership approach and the opportunities we make possible. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that we connect two families/ individuals who potentially come to a handshake deal. Hence, we need real decision making authority on every side. This is a key benefit and differentiator to many other networks and institutional investors where there will always be some kind of board who has to take a decision with a majority vote or similar.

No. Many people we will already know. If not, we will do our own research or rely on partners who do offer extensive due diligence on people and families. Another alternative we will always recommend is to get a recommendation from an existing member to facilitate the onboarding process.

We will focus exclusively on private asset deals. To us this is any investment you can directly make, no fund structures in between and no crowdfunding involved. In the beginning (2019-2020 at least), we will focus on anything related to real estate (properties, project developments, mezzanine financing…) and locations specific to Germany, before we will scale the network internationally and offer more private asset classes (direct investments into companies or startups, collectibles..).Our investment opportunities combine the following criteria:

  1. Volume: > EUR 5 million
  2. Location: primarily A-B-C cities in Germany
  3. Type: any
  4. Stage: any (built, planned or under construction)
  5. Exclusivity: always

Our network of ultra high net worth individuals/ families comprises currently more than 300 qualified (we have a personal relationship with them) contacts in Germany and internationally, with thousands more within our reach.

Discretion is our top priority, so you will not be able to look at projects (properties) or other members. We are not Facebook or the typical real estate brokerage platform. You will be connected only once we find a match to your search criteria. No more time wasted looking for the investment you want.

Once registered, you can define your search criteria depending on what kind of property, project development or mezzanine financing opportunity you are looking for and we will discreetly connect you only to the deal flow you are interested in. The dealflow will come out of the network itself in most cases. We will curate all relevant information about the object (property), the market, and possible transaction and financing partners so you can efficiently come to a go or no-go decision before going into the offline due diligence process. Our goal is to offer you all the information you need at your fingertips so you will never miss an opportunity again.

They can see all relevant information required in order to come to a decision. We will not show all property related information to every potential buyer to make sure the property stays off-market as long as possible. Only once the buyer pays a registration fee specific to the listing of interest will they will be able to see all information. Furthermore, we offer the option to exclude certain people/ families from being connected to you.

No, Skyland Wealth helps you to find the private asset deal you are looking for via our unique matching process online. Once you have decided to go ahead with a transaction, the whole process goes back into the offline world. If selected, we can be at your side during this process as well, helping you to finalize the deal together with the party on the other side.

In the near future, members will continue to receive information by e-mail. Once the app is fully launched in 2020, members can also elect to receive information via push notification on their Skyland Wealth app or through the web browser.

Yes. Skyland Wealth is 100% independent from any third party or investor.