The 1% who can make 99% possible

A sky full of opportunities

What is Skyland Wealth?

We are an exclusive international community of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, families, family offices and foundations. As the largest network of its kind, we are connected by technology but rely on the equally important exchange that takes place in personal relationships.

Our current focus is to transact exclusive off-market real estate investment opportunities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland within our network.

We are proud to announce the launch of our mobile web application.

Using our digital tool, you can create a unique real estate search profile and only access off-market opportunities that match your expectations.

Our high-quality exposé allows for fast and informed decisions, as you manage your transactions on the go.

All from your smartphone, within a network you can trust.

What makes Skyland Wealth unique?

Our in-house team acts as a kind of family office gatekeeper, ensuring that you can talk at eye level in a protected space

Our jointly developed code of conduct is our moral and ethical compass and ensures that you are among like-minded people; including the possibility of being excluded from the network if you do not follow the rules

Our technology enables you to discreetly communicate to precisely this group of like-minded people what real estate business you are interested in - whether as buyer, seller, investor or capital provider

Our algorithm only matches those members for whom a successful completion of a transaction is very likely. Our in-house team takes care of the work related to any real estate transaction

Our in-house team always represents both sides of a transaction and acts as a true sparring partner with the aim of achieving a mutually beneficial outcome

Our platform allows you to present your own non-profit foundation or a privately funded impact investment project to the entire network. In this way, common interests can be found and comrades-in-arms won; trust can grow

As a member you will have more:


We make business possible that elsewhere fails because of publicity or your well-known name


Find the investments that interest you from a network you trust: your like-minded peer group


Tailored, vetted and individually curated transaction opportunities; available to you 24/7 with the help of our technology


Use the full potential of your own and new network and multiply it overnight


You are always our primary focus and not the deal. Our network is designed for long-term successful relationships


Membership is free and the transaction costs are only 0.5% – 1.0%. The extended added value of the network is free of charge


Our in-house team professionally accompanies every transaction, takes the work off your hands and, if required, makes our network of top-class transaction partners available


We work daily on new solutions that make your life easier, more efficient and even more beautiful


Our network and community is built upon trust, independence and the people behind us. In order to extend our personal reach, we’ve invited founding families to the table to be sparring partners, and to share their own family network and good name: names we can share with members anytime. We aim to build a worldwide network, driven by the spirit for families, by families.
By doing this we ensure our independence from outside interests and influence.