Why Mallorca?

The unique accessibility, the abundance of wonderful nature, culture and history, as well as the exceptionally high quality of life, the ease of integration and the openness of the Mallorcans have made the Balearic Islands, and Mallorca in particular, one of the most outstanding dream destinations on the world map.

This has not escaped the scene of wealthy families from all over Europe and the world. Us Germans even flirt with the fact that it feels a bit like home. The island offers successful family entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals, celebrities, investors and their family offices permanent accessibility at the highest level, coupled with discretion, picturesque nature, exquisite cuisine and no renunciation of the amenities one is used to in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden or England, for example.


If you are at home abroad, whether for a short time, every now and then or permanently, you still long for the exchange among your peers and the culture associated with it. At the same time, integrating into a new culture and a foreign country presents unimagined opportunities. Become part of our community and don’t miss any opportunities, learn from each other and avoid common beginner’s mistakes on Mallorca.

Live it

Whether you are moving to the island for the first time, looking to downsize, upsize or lucratively resell your property – we can help you find the right buyer or seller in our community with complete discretion. Whether it’s a villa in Port d’Andratx, a finca in Deià, a penthouse in Puerto Portals or a historic mansion in Palma – we know our way around and are on the ground.

Invest it

On Mallorca, you can not only live exquisitely but also invest lucratively. For example, by building luxury properties, in the hospitality industry or in retail. Contact us if you want to buy or sell, or also if you are looking for families and family offices as partners, investors or co-investors.


Whether it’s about picking the best residential location for you, confidential tax issues, language barriers, local permits or numerous other tips for everyday life—we all face similar issues and discreetly exchange ideas with each other in an exclusive setting. Take advantage of the new insights and the treasure trove of knowledge in our community.


Whether you are looking for a nanny for your children, want to send them to school, need a berth for your yacht, need to obtain a residents’ parking permit or want to have your favourite vintage car transferred to the island, we are here to help and advise you.

If you are a seller, property developer, project developer or architect and would like to sell a property discreetly or are looking for an investor: Please contact us, we are probably interested and offer you discretion and investment from equity.

For buyer families and family offices the acquisition of real estate is commission-free

Real estate


Sooner or later, most people in our community fall for the island’s charm and look for a permanent home here. At first, this can be a temporary apartment in Palma or a spectacular property in Son Vida, Bendinat or any of the other beautiful places on the island.

Finding the right place and lifestyle can be challenging – we help you to navigate the island, find your dream place, or exchange one for another.


If you are interested in buying or selling a private or commercial property, or simply want to get your questions about Mallorca answered, please feel free to contact us:



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Where most of us feel at home:

Son Vida


Son Vida, Mallorca’s “Beverly Hills”, is situated slightly elevated on the northern outskirts of the city and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, the sea and the entire Bay of Palma. It is one of the most sought-after and exclusive residential areas in Mallorca.

Discerning guests and well-heeled golfers flock to Son Vida’s famous hotels and top-maintained golf courses. The luxury villas built by excellent architects offer a secure ambience in the gated community for successful business people, wealthy aristocrats and celebrities who appreciate being among themselves.

Puerto Portals


Puerto Portals, the marina on the southwest coast of Mallorca, is one of the island’s prominent ‘glamour spots’ and the place to ‘see and be seen’ during the summer months. It is more than likely that you will meet one or two famous people here. Arab oil sheikhs in Western clothes, Hollywood stars and wealthy businessmen: the international moneyed aristocracy meets in Puerto Portals every year. Large and expensive yachts bob on the water and offer a unique ambience in which one immediately feels at home, despite or even because of the visible wealth.

Those who anchor in Puerto Portals are among the international A-list celebrities and the ‘jet-setters’, they moor their gleaming boats in one of the 650 berths and appreciate the noble and simultaneously homely atmosphere of the harbour. Here you will find many designer boutiques, and yacht brokers, as well as numerous great bars and restaurants just a few steps away from the jetty, where you can enjoy this special flair with a good drink or excellent dinner.

Portals Nous


Situated above the fashionable marina of Porto Portals and just 12 km west of Palma, Portals Nous is a relaxed town that is not only popular with holidaymakers but also as a permanent home.

Along the main street of the village, numerous shops have been established, including fashion boutiques, bookstores, DIY shops, a supermarket, as well as restaurants of various international flavours.

Here you will find not only apartment buildings, some of them with sensational flats, but, above all, luxurious villas small and large nestling on the far slope above the centre of the village.

Two beautiful sandy beaches can also be easily reached from here – the small and idyllic Cala Bendinat and the larger Cala Portals Nous. This much larger beach borders directly on the marina of Porto Portals.

Costa d’en Blanes


Costa den Blanes, the villa area directly above Porto Portals, is one of the most popular and trendy residential areas of Mallorca. It offers, in addition to an extremely well-situated neighbourhood with noble villas and large estates, above all, the immediate proximity to Porto Portals, the most exclusive and fashionable harbour of the island. Depending on the location of the house, one can enjoy an absolute dream view of the Mediterranean, the coast from Bendinat via Porto Portals to Palma Nova, topped with sensational sunsets.

Those who live here appreciate the exclusivity of the entire area, the proximity to the marina with all its stylish restaurants, bars, and boutiques and the corresponding clientele. In addition, Porto Portals is lively 365 days a year thanks to the numerous café and restaurant guests and the many attractions such as nautical events and the very popular Christmas market. It is a wonderful place to go out, to see and be seen, and to enjoy life.

The proximity to Palma is also an advantage, as the island’s capital offers countless opportunities for shopping, dining and strolling.




Located to the west of Palma, the beautiful village of Bendinat is an extremely well-kept and very popular residential area with a first-class coastal location and proximity to Palma. The almost exclusively well-off residents are constantly attracting new and equally wealthy residents, which is why everyone of distinction can be found here, from Spanish high nobility to the international elite.

Noble estates and luxurious villas line up here and the whole place is designed for people of greater wealth, which the restaurants, bars, accommodations and shops have also adapted to.

Situated between Illetas and Portals Nous, this residential area is particularly attractive because the island’s capital Palma is within easy reach and the exclusive yacht harbour Porto Portals is just around the corner.

Cala Llamp


Cala Llamp, one of the top residential areas in the municipality of Andratx, is located only 2 km from Port d’Andratx, the beautiful port of the municipality of Andratx.

Due to its breathtaking sea views, crystal clear waters, rocky cove at the Gran Folies beach club and proximity to Port d’Andratx, it is one of the most sought-after residential locations in the south-west of the island. One can enjoy not only beautiful sea views, but also breathtaking sunsets here.

Here are located some of the most beautiful and expensive luxury villas on the island, some of which have only been built in recent years and have all risen very sharply in price.

The bathing bay Cala Llamp itself is a very beautiful rocky bay. Many boats and yachts anchor here during the day in the summer months, while the yacht owners rock on the waves with their families and friends and enjoy water sports in style. The rocky shore also invites one to sunbathe and swim, or alternatively, cool off in the beach club pool and mingle with international guests.

Puerto d’Andratx


The picturesque harbour town of Port d’Andratx is nestled between rocky slopes dotted with hundreds of villas and the southern foothills of the Tramuntana mountains. Many consider it to be one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the Mediterranean – in any case, it is a very stylish and well-maintained harbour town, with a well-equipped yacht club that has more than 450 berths.

In addition to its numerous good to very good restaurants, Port d’Andratx still offers the flair of a fishing port, where you can experience the busy, maritime hustle and bustle and buy all kinds of freshly caught fish.

Apartment complexes and luxury villas that have been built here over the last few decades, alongside brand-new ones, offer a living quality of the highest standard. Numerous boutiques, galleries, and shops for daily needs round off the beautiful harbour ambience.

Camp de Mar


This small municipality, located directly by the sea in southwest Mallorca between Paguera and Andratx, was deliberately designed as a high-end holiday resort. The upscale beach resort is surrounded by small and exclusive hotels and is popular with the rich and famous, who flock to the beautiful and clean beach or to one of the beach bars in summer.

“La Illeta”, a small rocky island surrounded by lapping waves, is only reachable via an idyllic-looking wooden jetty. It offers not only a picturesque location in the middle of the bay, but also a very good restaurant serving upscale Mediterranean cuisine.

It is the beautiful backdrop of pine trees stretching down to the beach, the crystal clear water, and the rocky island standing alone in the sea that made this place so special and desirable.

In this dream location, amazing villas, both modern and Mediterranean, all belong to the highest segment and are priced accordingly.



Situated on Mallorca’s beautiful west coast, Deià is one of the most idyllic villages on the island. Home to a diverse and international population, it has always been a magnet for artists, writers, and other creative minds from all over the world.

Deià, like the entire Tramuntana range, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here, you can enjoy an all-around dream view of the sea and watch the sun sink into the sea in the evening.

The village offers varied living arrangements, from an idyllic townhouse in the winding alleys to a huge luxury finca. Every house here is beautiful and desirable.

For such a small village in the mountains, Deià has an astonishingly high quality of life. In its 20 or so gourmet restaurants, from small tapas bars to two-star restaurants, one can find everything the palate desires. In the bay Cala Deià, one can not only go swimming alongside locals and holiday guests, but also enjoy delicious Mallorcan fish dishes in one of the two restaurants situated by the sea.



The lively, historic town of Alcúdia, located in the north of the island, is now a modern commercial and administrative town where Mallorcan history is still tangible.

In recent decades, Alcúdia and its harbour Puerto de Alcúdia, situated a little to the south, have developed into lively holiday centres, which are particularly interesting for individual tourists. Since the regional tour operators and the municipal administration of Alcúdia have focused on gentle, sustainable tourism concepts from the very beginning, you can still find the original Mallorca here.

Cosmopolitan guests and residents are primarily encountered in Puerto de Alcúdia, where you will find Mallorcan and international restaurants as well as many pubs, clubs and discos.

Although it is the furthest from the island’s capital, it only takes about 40 minutes to get to the airport or Palma via the motorway. The area offers beautiful landscapes, numerous sandy beaches and, among many other sporting activities, Alcanada, an excellent 18-hole golf course with spectacular views over the bay of Alcúdia.

The port of Alcúdia offers direct ferry connections to Menorca, Barcelona or Toulon, among others, on the southern French coast.

Here you will find beautiful houses, dreamlike fincas small and large, as well as villas on the first line of the sea, which – due to the distance from the capital – can sometimes be purchased at a lower price compared to the popular south-west of the island.



Pollença – situated just a few kilometres away from Port de Pollença – is located in the very north of the island. It is an old historic town with idyllic narrow streets and a surprisingly large main square, lined with nice cafés and restaurants, where the heart of the town beats. Every Sunday, the weekly market takes place here, attracting locals and tourists alike and offering fresh local produce. The city is made for long, leisurely strolls through the winding streets, where you are likely to discover something new every time.

Due to the conquests by other peoples over the centuries, Pollença shows signs of a rich history. Among its numerous sights are ‘Pont Roma’, the Roman bridge, the 365 stairs leading up to a church with a wonderful view, and the Puig de Pollença – a small mountain on which a monastery is perched.

Over the years, many expats have chosen to settle in Pollença as it is safe, relaxed and has everything you need for life. A diverse and well-integrated community has formed here over the years, making it easy to feel at home. If you are interested in buying property and settling in Pollença, you will find a cosmopolitan community of like-minded people here.

The town is full of original townhouses and beautiful villas, while the spacious and delightfully green surroundings of Pollença are home to a large number of idyllic fincas and sometimes large estates.

For those looking for a quieter life in nature, Pollença offers a stunning mix of historical neighbourhoods with narrow streets, wide meadows and fields, the mountains of the Tramuntana range, bubbling streams and an incredible beach in the immediate vicinity.

Port de Pollença


Port de Pollença, called “Eu moll” (the pier) by the locals, is the second most important urban area in the municipality. A long promenade runs around the bay of Port de Pollença, passing long sandy beaches lined with pine and palm trees, a splendid array of cafés and restaurants, and a few excellent hotels.

Once a simple fishing port, the town has an interesting historical background and offers a flair that has attracted and delighted tourists and artists from all over the world since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Today, Port de Pollença is mainly a quiet and enjoyable place by the sea, where locals mingle with tourists and other Mallorcans who come here to escape the heat of the city during the summer months.

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