Investment Profile

Our exclusive member community of over 350 ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) and their single family offices is always on the lookout for interesting opportunities and prospective sales.

We are fast, discreet and, in case of doubt, can finance investments from our capital.

We act for the buyer and seller families to the standard of an advisory family office, and help you find the right investor for your property or capital request in our community.

What we are looking for:

There are different paths that lead to good investments. From experience, we are particularly interested in classic properties, opportunities, exclusive investment properties, luxury and international properties.

In addition, we are interested in all mixed forms, such as capital provision and participation options. You can find out more details below.

Please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Classic Real Estate Investments

Standard properties of all asset classes


  • Construction stage: Existing building or development
  • Vacancy ratio: up to ca. 10%
  • Macro-location: Any
  • Micro-location: Any
  • Factor: Maximum 27x (depending on individual object and location assessment)
  • Volume: starting at €10 M

Important: With classic real estate, what counts for us is a fair price valuation


Real estate and equity options where urgency and equity are required


  • Asset class: Any
  • Construction stage: Existing properties with optimisation potential as well as development properties (land, redevelopment, etc.) of all kinds, with and without building rights
  • Vacancy ratio: Any
  • Macro-location: Any
  • Micro-location: Any
  • Factor: Maximum 18x (depending on individual object and location assessment)
  • Volume: Starting at €5 M

Exclusive Investments

The best properties in prime locations


  • Construction stage: Existing building or development
  • Vacancy ratio: Any
  • Macro-location: Top 7 and other select locations
  • Micro-location: High-Street, e.g. Viktualienmarkt München, Unter den Linden Berlin and other comparable locations
  • Factor: case-by-case assessment
  • Volume: starting at €10 M

Luxury High-Class private real estate

The most exquisite private real estate


  • Asset class: Private real estate (Living)
  • Construction stage: Existing building or development
  • Macro-location: St. Moritz, Kitzbühel, Mallorca, Ibiza, Côte d’Azur, Sylt, Tegernsee and other similar locations
  • Micro-location: Any
  • Volume: starting at €5 M

International Real Estate

Exclusive Properties in top locations all over the world


  • Asset class: All
  • Construction stage: Existing building with or without additional building potential
  • Macro-location: worldwide, such as New York, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Zürich, or London
  • Micro-location: Top locations and A-class locations
  • Volume: starting at €50 M

If you are a seller, property developer, project developer or architect and would like to sell a property discreetly or are looking for an investor: Please contact us, we are probably interested and offer you discretion and investment from equity.

Please send us relevant documents, such as the exact location, size, income or project status, the asset class, purchase price proposal and ownership structure, or contact us directly:

Vivien Barth

Head of Transactions