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What is Skyland Wealth?

Skyland Wealth is a unique global community of over 350 ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) and family offices united by shared values and a belief in the power of technology and networking.

The community is made up of globally recognised family businesses, pioneering entrepreneurs, successful industrialists, gamechangers, celebrities and aristocratic families. Skyland Wealth offers unique investment opportunities, business contacts, new perspectives, insights and personal exchange within the community. Our members invest and trade with each other, engage socially and make connections that are not accessible to third parties.

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of whom are wealth owners

Potential investment volume:

Total properties owned


Sale of portfolio property

Sale of portfolio property

Berlin, Germany

Sale of historical castle with forest land

Sale of historical castle with forest land

Rhein, Germany

Sale of fully leased office and commercial building

Sale of fully leased office and commercial building

Bonn, Germany

Sale of unrenovated portfolio building

Sale of unrenovated portfolio building

Berlin, Germany

“At the heart of our community is the idea of providing added value to each member through knowledge exchange, business opportunities, a unique network, and shared experiences. Our goal is to foster lifelong connections and create a lasting impact on society, achieved through a combination of personal and digital engagement.”

David A. Pieper
Founder and CEO

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Our members include:

Wealth Owners

You are a principal, asset owner, member of a family business, entrepreneur, private individual, shareholder, managing partner, serial founder, heir, nextgen, investor, etc. and qualify as a so-called UHNWI*.

Family Officers

You are a confidant, right-hand man, managing director, board member, authorized signatory, head of transactions, head of real estate, multi family office, asset manager etc. and hold a management and leadership position.

Family Officers & Shareholders

*so-called ultra-high-net-worth individual, you have total assets of about € 25 million, not decisive for our network is the allocation of your assets.

As service providers, suppliers, consultants or institutional investors, such as banks, insurance companies, funds, asset managers, property managers, brokers, advisors, consultants, lawyers, tax advisors, architects or appraisers, please visit our partner page.

We look forward to getting to know you.

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Our members across Europe



Munich    54
Berlin    34
Düsseldorf    28
Frankfurt    19
Hamburg    18
Cologne    17
Stuttgart    14
Leipzig    12
Nürnberg    10
Wiesbaden    10
Dresden    7
Hanover    7
Erfurt    6
Augsburg    5
Kassel    4
Halle    3
Regensburg    3
Kiel    2

Other countries:


Great Britain   20
Austria   13
Switzerland   9
Netherlands   4
France   4
Poland   3
Denmark   3
Belgium   2
Czech Republic   2
Norway   1
Sweden   1


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