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Over the past 20 years, our team of family offices and real estate professionals has delivered value on numerous occasions. Here is a selection from our past transactions:

Location: Berlin, Germany

Deal: Sale of portfolio property

History: A project developer known to us converted this historic building and we had an art lover as the perfect buyer for it. Now the building is a private art museum, which can also be rented.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany

Deal: Sale of forested land with hunting grounds

History: A family with many hectares of land and forest including hunting grounds had a family emergency and needed liquidity quickly. We found a buyer in our ranks who purchased the land while specifically deciding to preserve the forest in its current state.

Deal: Staffing

History: A family approached us because they were having difficulty finding the right CEO for their family office. As luck would have it, we knew exactly the right person who was just looking for a new opportunity. The two have now been working together for many years.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Deal: Sale of Forward Deal

History: A project developer we knew wanted to build luxury apartments out of a former brewery in Berlin, but we found a visionary founder in our network who had a startup ecosystem in mind.

Deal: Mezzanine capital brokering

History: One of our members needed mezzanine capital for one of his project developments. Another family was looking for a good investment with acceptable returns. Win-Win.

Deal: Event leads to business involvement

Geschichte: At one of our exclusive events, two entrepreneurs met and shortly after agreed on joint cooperation for a project development.

Deal: Joint-Venture

History: We brought together two of our families who were independently looking for a suitable joint venture partner for real estate developments.

Deal: Sale of a rare classic car collection

History: A passionate collector wanted to sell his collection of exclusive vintage Mercedes cars (all Mercedes-Benz convertibles from the ’50, all registered and ready to drive) after his heirs showed no interest. We found another family in our network who were satisfied buyers.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Deal: Sale of unrenovated portfolio building

History: Former private bank building was sold by a family. The buyers renovated the building and converted it into a then-needed co-working space.

Location: Rhein, Germany

Deal: Sale of historic castle with forest land for private use

History: One of Germany’s most historic properties needs a worthy new owner after the seller’s center of life shifted, and we found a family in the network who had been looking for just such a property.

Location: Leipzig, Germany

Deal: Sale of unrenovated portfolio building

History: A family wanted to withdraw from Leipzig as an investment location and found just the buyer who knew what to do with an unrenovated property.

Location: Eisenach, Germany

Deal: Sale of unrenovated portfolio building with conversion

History: Family office buys an unrenovated existing building and turns it into a retirement home.

Deal: Placement main sponsor for Startup Teens

History: Our CEO, David Pieper, engaged with Startup Teens and referred one of the major sponsors to the nonprofit.

Location: Bonn, Germany

Deal: Sale of fully leased office and commercial building

History: A project developer was looking for a buyer for a very solidly rented property in Bonn in a central location. Topic asset preservation

Location: Berlin, Germany

Deal: Sale of an existing building with monument protection

History: Foreign family wanted to retreat from Germany and found a buyer in our network.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Deal: Sale of a luxury apartment for private use

History: Through a family in our network, we had access to a unique luxury apartment in a prime location in Berlin and found a grateful buyer in our ranks.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Deal: Sale of a residential real estate portfolio to establish a housing company

History: One of our families was looking for a large number of apartments, to establish its own housing company and we had exactly the seller on hand.


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