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Our proprietary Family Financing Calculator (FFC) algorithm finds in real time the most suitable financing partners for your real estate financing and re-financing requests. From senior to junior loans up to equity from our families

With the Family Financing Calculator, Skyland Wealth is successfully connecting high-net-worth families with specialized bankers quickly, conveniently and discreetly – we are pleased to be part of it.

Christian Hassel

Divisional board member at Commerzbank, responsible for family offices and private investors

Family Financing Calculator

The FFC is specially developed for ultra-high-net-worth families and individuals, as well as foundations and institutional investors. Once you provide the essential financing requirements, we analyze the criteria to match you with up to 4 optimal financing partners. Our proprietary algorithm can handle complex requests, including uncommon debtor entities such as foundations and volumes of €50M or more.

100% discreet, your data will only be processed with your consent.

How it works:


In under 5 minutes, you can enter the relevant information about a specific financing request


Get up to 4 financing partner matches, tailored specifically to your non-standard financing requirements


Only upon request will we establish contact with the desired financing partner including a personal introduction.

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Pricing structure

FFC 1.0 (beta)


Matches you with financing partners in the bank segment (senior loans)



Beta version free of charge

FFC 2.0



Matches with banks (senior loans) and mezzanine financing partners (junior loans).



Paid usage

FFC 3.0



Complete structured financing: matches with banks (senior loans), mezzanine financing partners (junior loans) and direct investments (equity) from our families.


Paid usage

For the first time, technology enables structured financing, already with the appropriate partners and families, with just a few clicks.

Use the free BETA version of the FFC 1.0:

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